Welcome to the Chair of Microeconomics

What is the optimal way to share a scarce resource (e.g. a sweet apple pie) among many interested people (e.g. the guests of a party)? How much leisure time should I grant myself while the seminar paper is waiting to be written (maximisation under constraints)? Or how does the behaviour of a single person affect a decision made by many? These and other questions (such as why economic models are meaningful at all) are what keeps is busy at the chair of microeconomics, the focus being on models of bounded rationality, psychological factors of decision making and philosophy of economics. If you are interested and want to know more, just step by at one of our office hours or make an appointment. We'll be happy to help!

Brexit - kann man das noch verstehen?

A comment on Brexit (in German) negotiations can be found here.

Our view on tolerance, willingness to help and discrimination

Due to recent political developments we, the members of the chair, see reason to take a clear stance for tolerance and willingness to help and against any form of discrimination.

We explicitly respect the freedom of opinion and speech. Irrespective of that, our opinion is that origin, faith, gender, etc. must not be used as a basis for any form of social exclusion, withholding of help or other form of discrimination.