Prof. Dr. Philipp C. Wichardt


Chair of Microeconomics
Department of Economics
University of Rostock
room 106
Ulmenstraße 69
D-18057 Rostock  

Phone:  +49-381-498 44 86
Fax:  +49-381-498 43 41 
email: philipp(dot)wichardt(at)uni-rostock(dot)de
Office hours: on appointment

Professional career

04/2012                 Chair of Microeconomics at the University of Rostock

10/2011-03/2012   Chair representation, LMU München

04-09/2010            Chair representation, University of Bonn

10/2008-03/2012   PostDoc, University of Bonn

10/2006-10/2008   Scientific assistant, University of Bonn

Academic qualifications

12/2006            Dr. rer. pol./PhD in Economics, University of Bonn 

2002 - 2006      PhD-Student at the Bonn Graduate School of Economics

2004 - 2005      Visiting PhD Student at the University of Zürich

2003 - 2004      Visiting PhD Student at University College London

06/2002            M.Sc. in Economics, Lund University

05/2000            Vordiplom Volkswirtschaftslehre (~ B.Sc. Economics), University of Kiel

04/1997            Vordiplom Mathematik (~B.Sc. Mathematics), University of Bonn


- Game Theory / Bounded Rationality

- Psychology of Decision Making / Behavioural Economics 

- Public Economics 

- Philosophy of Science (Economics)


Mathematik für Ökonomen, joint with Frank Riedel, Springer Verlag, January 2007; 2nd revised and extended edition, September 2009 

Übungs- und Arbeitsbuch Mathematik für Ökonomen, joint with Christina Matzke and Frank Riedel, Springer Verlag, September 2009 

Journal Articles (in reversed order of acceptance)

Conflicting Identities: Cosmopolitan or Anxious? Appreciating Concerns of Host Country Population Improves Attitudes Towards Immigrants. Joint with Tobias Heidland. (condionanlly) accepted for publication in Soical Forces.

On the Positive Effects of Overconfident Self-Perception in Teams. Joint with Sandra Ludwig and Hanke Wickhorst. Annals of Social Sciences & Management Studies, 2024, Vol. 10.

Procedurally Justifiable Strategies: Integrating Context Effects into Multistage Decision Making. Joint with Fynn Kemper. Review of Behavioral Economics, 2024, Vol. 11, pp. 313–347,

Welfare Justifications and Responsibility in Political Decision Making - The Case of Nudging. Joint with Fynn Kemper. Critical Policy Studies, 2024 (online).

Illusion of Control: Psychological Characteristics as Moderators in Financial Decision Making. Joint with Tobias Schütze, Ulrich Schmidt and Carsten Spitzer. Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 2024, Vol. 17, 65,

Gender Effects in Dictator Game Giving Under Voluntary Choice of the Recipient's Gender: Women Favour Female Recipients. Joint with Maximilian Baltrusch. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 2024, Vol. 109, 102183

Ein ultrakurzer Test zur Erfassung von Sensation Seeking: Psychometrische Evaluation der deutschen Version der Brief Sensation Seeking Scale (BSSS-4) [An ultra-short instrument to assess sensation seeking: Psychometric evaluation of the German version of the Brief Sensation Seeking Scale (BSSS-4)]. Joint with Fynn Kemper, Sascha Müller and Carsten Spitzer. Psychotherapie - Psychosomatik - Medizinische Psychologie, 2023, Vol. 73, pp. 206-211,

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Contributions to Conference Proceedings (refereed)

Modelling Semantic Change as Equilibrium Shift in a Signalling Game, joint with Bernhard Schröder, in A. Benz, C. Ebert, and R. van Rooij (eds.), Proceedings of the ESSLLI 2007 Workshop on Language, Games, and Evolution, pp. 69-75,


Book Review: ”Playing for Real," by Ken Binmore, Journal of Economics, 2008, Vol. 93/3, pp. 317-319,

An Economic Sociological Look at Economics, joint with Patrik Aspers, Sebastian Kohl and Jesper Roine, Economic Sociology - The European Electronic Newsletter, 2008, Vol. 9, pp. 5-15,

Publications in German

Interview zum Thema Ängste vor Migration im Rostocker STROHhalm, März 2024.

"Dysfunktionale Interaktion bei Veränderungsprozessen vermeiden - Ideen für ein gutes Miteinander" forthcoming Backstein Sonderausgabe 2023 (vorläufiges pdf des Beitrags hier)

Expertenantwort zu "Wie ist es möglich, dass man einen Text laut vorliest, gleichzeitig aber an etwas ganz anderes denkt?", Readers Digest, Juni 2023 (hier als pdf mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Readers Digest)

Selbstbestrafung als Druckmittel im Klimawandel, die, Tagebuch, Eintrag 19.11.2008